GILSONITE or Natural BITUMEN is a Mineral with characteristics suitable for diferent applications such as Drilling Fluids, Asphalt, Foundry Sector and Inks.

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Gilsonite is a mineral mineral  substance composed of hydrocarbons. Gilsonite product occurres through certain geological patterns close to petroleum deposits in specific places in the world. Gilsonite is also called Natural Bitumen, Natural Asphalt, Asphaltum, Asphaltite or, in some places, Uintahite (Uintaite).

The mineral Gilsonite is categorized as a solvable material in oil solutions such as CS2 or TCE (Trichloroethylene). Major component of Gilsonite is Carbon, while it contains several other elements including Nitrogen and Sulphur and some volatile matters.

Gilsonite MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet) proves the material NOT to be neither hazardous nor toxic, while its special chemical and physical characteristics creates the possibility of Gilsonite Usage in many different industries and applications.

Some of the applications of Natural Bitumen are as below:


Offered Grade

Oil Based Drilling Fluid Additive

NB-OI 210

Oil Well Cementing

NB-OI 100

Asphalt Binder – Gilsonite Sealer

NB-BA 410

Bitumen Blending

NB-BA 310

Bituminous Membrane Filler

NB-BA 420

Foundry Sand Additive

NB-FS 500

Ink Industry

NB-IP 600

In order to achieve the proper product for Gilsonite applications, it should be categorized by sensitivity to temperature, solvable matter in oil solutions and many other aspects which have been done at laboratories of Zista Group Laboratories and the results have been processed to achieve the right product for each application of this unique natural bitumen. 

Zista Group is in position to supply Gilsonite Lumps and also Gilsonite Powder in different mesh size in different packaging from 25 KG meltable bags (Environmental Friendly) to 1 MT jumbo bags resulting in convenient delivery terms and logistics, to provide the most economical supply to users and traders worldwide, while providing the RIGHT GRADE FOR EACH APPLICATION.

Zista Group warmly welcomes traders and end-users internationally to contact us in order to receive further technical and commercial information on Gilsonite, including Gilsonite Technical Data Sheet, Gilsonite MSDS, Gilsonite Prices and information on its applications such as Gilsonite Asphalt, Gilsonite Binder, use of Gilsonite in making FLC and many others.

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