About Zista Group

Who We Are

We proudly represent ourselves as ZISTA GROUP OF COMPANIES a professional and effective network of trading companies in the field of raw materials and oil products with operating offices and expert agents in Middle East, China, Europe, Pakistan and South America.

Our Market Segmentation

China 35%
Middle East 33%
Other 32%
ZISTA GROUP was first established in U.A.E in 2005 and ever since U.A.E which is the heart of Middle East trading has been our Headquarters. Since 2005 our network has expanded deeply and significantly in CHINA and Middle East and we have had advancements in other countries including Georgia, Kenya, Italy, Albania and a few others. 

Through our network and great experience in our business, we stay focused on professional supplying items such as Bitumen, Natural Bitumen, Oxidised Bitumen and Gilsonite. ZISTA GROUP aims on establishing an even more powerful network during the future development programs.

Our Concepts

  • - Making Benefit based on “Increasing Reputation and Turnover” instead of “decreasing costs and increasing sales prices” 
  • - Always choose long term over short terms business strategies 
  • - Today’s sources and clients could be tomorrow’s friends and teammates 
  • - Avoid Brokerage procedures in trade and focus on conventional Trade & Finance Procedures

Our Mission

  • - Increase our network size to 10 more countries by 2020
  • - Attend U.A.E 2020 Expo as one of the leading suppliers of Oil Products in Middle East
  • - Have a local representative office in all countries who are buying from the Group on regular Basis